Eligible Grades - Munchkins, PreK > 8th Grade, Challenger Division for Special Needs Players age 4 and up.

Start Date/Opening Day - Saturday 9/10

End Date 10/22 or 10/29. Adjustments may be made to our end date because of weather/field closure or other unforeseen circumstances.

Schedules for Practice and Games are TBD (except Munchkins and Challengers) and are dependent on having a coach for each team.


Challenger Division - a soccer-oriented clinic on Saturday afternoons (2:00 PM > 3:00 PM) for special needs players. There is no cost to play in the Challenger Division. We are sending a separate registration email and link to register for the Challenger Division.

Munchkin Division - a clinic-only session for 3.5, 4, and 5-year-olds on Saturday and Tuesday afternoons (1:00 > 1:45 PM). Your child has to be at least 3.5 by 9/1/22 to participate. Saturdays are at Upper Knuth Soccer Field and Tuesdays are at the Artificial Turf Field - Veterans Memorial Park, Zeek Rd. You can do one or both sessions; the cost is the same. Make sure when you register you pick the correct division for your child. Munchkins and PreK are different, so please register in the right division. Munchkins are capped at 40 players. We highly recommend you register after reading this email to ensure your child plays.

PreK > 8th Grade - Teams practice 1 or 2 weeknights and there are games Saturdays. Schedules TBD. Division 3 plays in the Rockaway Valley Soccer League and will play games against neighboring towns. Division 4 may also play in this league if there are not enough players to play in town.

Scholarship Request - any family experiencing financial difficulty can contact HUB Soccer's president, Don Casse (doncasse@aol.com/973-627-8173) to play at no cost. Please make your request before the registration deadline of 6/23.

Cost Information - 1 player $80. 2 or more players $120.

Deadline to Register - June 23 Thursday.

Late Registration Cost/Deadline - June 23 Thursday is the deadline to register without a late fee. After June 23 the cost is $100 per player and the family discount is $140. We will offer late registration only in divisions that still have roster spots.

Division Caps - Please register when you finish reading this email or well before the deadline to ensure a roster spot for your child. We will meet in late June to decide on the number of players and teams in each division. We have caps on all divisions so we can order uniforms recruit coaches, etc. so we are ready to go on opening day. Once that cap is met, we are not able to add players.

Schedule Conflict - if the fall schedule does not work out, we will give you a full refund. Please let us know before the season starts.

Uniforms/Equipment - All players will receive a uniform (jersey, shorts & socks). Players PreK > 8th Grade are required to wear shin guards covered by soccer socks. These should be purchased well before the season starts. Munchkins and Challenger players are not required to wear them.

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