The following guidelines are for any unsportsmanlike conduct and behavior issues at practices and/or games. Coaches are to read these guidelines with parents and players.


  1. Any player not following coach instructions at a practice or game will be told by the coach that they have to follow the instruction and correctly participate in the activity like the other players. The player is told that if they continue to not participate as instructed, they will get a time out.


  1. If the bad behavior continues after being instructed, the player will be sent off the field to their parents for a 5 to 10-minute time-out. When the team takes a water break or after the practice or game, the coach should talk to the parent and player in private about the incident including future outcomes if the behavior continues.


  1. If the disruptive and uncooperative behavior continues at practice after the timeout, the player is to be sent home. If at a game, the coach has the right to remove a disruptive player for the entire game.


  1. Any player displaying disrespect to a coach, player, parent or referee will be dismissed from the practice or game immediately. Disrespect includes, but is not limited to, inappropriate language, trash talk, bullying, hitting others and unwarranted physical contact with intent to harm or embarrass.


Future participation and action to be taken will be contingent on a review by the division director with the coach and a subsequent review by the club president with the division director. Parents will be consulted to get their side of the story as needed. Action may include a temporary suspension from practices and/or games, suspension for the season, or permanent termination from the program.


  1. Referee Interaction by Parents and Players is not permitted before, during or after a game. Interaction includes talking, yelling, criticizing, discussing, or any other comments regarding the calls and decisions the ref makes during a game.


  1. Referee Interaction by Coaches – Coaches should not have interaction with the referees during a game, except for # 7. Any difficulties with Laws of the Game interpretation should be referred to the division and/or referee director after the game.


  1. Player Safety/Overly Physical Play – If a coach feels the referee is not calling overly rough play they will meet with the opposing team coach and ref at the end of the quarter it occurs in. The sooner the better. If the rough play continues in the next quarter either coach has the option of pulling their team off the fields and forfeiting the game. The board’s expectation is that the coaches along with the referee will nip this in the bud and not let things escalate to the point where the game has to be canceled.


Slide tackling is not permitted in our recreation program and players slide tackling will be subject to a warning for the first offense in PreK and K Divisions and then removed from the game for the second offense. For all of the other divisions, it is a yellow card for the first offense.


Parents need to cheer for the kids and let the coaches coach the game. Any parent-reported displaying unsportsmanlike conduct will be contacted regarding the incident for their side of the story and then subject to review by the division director, club president and, if needed, other board members for appropriate action. Refer to #4 for action to be taken.


Coaches and board members are subject to the same guidelines and penalties as parents and players.


24 Hour Rule –


  • Any of the aforementioned issues need to be reported to the division director within 24 hours of the incident.
  • If a parent is visibly upset and agitated and needs to discuss matters with the coach, we recommend a cooling-off period before doing so. The same applies to the coach.