The following HUB Soccer Board positions are up for election at our June 3 meeting. Also, we are creating a new position(s)Liaisons) to help and assist current board members in their duties, as needed, or can do certain board jobs as a liaison. Liaisons are not board members and, therefore, are not required to attend meetings or vote. We are also creating a new board position: Vice President – Recreation Soccer to oversee our recreation program. This position requires 2 or more years of board experience.

If you have any questions regarding the following board openings you can call or email Don Casse (973-627-8173/ If you want to be nominated you can email our Nomination Chair, Andrea Furlong, at

We have some board members retiring from the board and it is critical we have replacements on board in June.


Administrative Directors – 2022/2023 – 2 Year Term

* Communications/Registrar Director (current board member is retiring)

* Fund Raiser Director or Liaison

* Equipment/Uniform Director or Liaison

* Referee Director

Division Director –

Division 5 – 3rd/4th Grade (current board member is retiring)

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