We have been getting a few calls and emails regarding the fall season and wanted to share them with you:
* When is Fall Soccer Registration Starting? It already has! The link to register for fall soccer is below; please read the newsletter before registering to make sure you have all the details about venues, schedules, eligible grades, etc.
* Is There a Division for Special Needs Players? Yes. We have a Challenger Division and there is no cost to play. The link to register is on our newsletter: http://www.hubsoccer.org/index.php/2021-fall-recreation-soccer-registration-newsletter/
* What Type of Equipment and Attire Does My Child Need? Your child will be given a HUB Soccer jersey, shorts and socks before their first game. We recommend all players bring a water bottle and ball to practice. Put your child’s name on the ball. Shin guards covered by soccer socks are required for practices and games. Shin guards are not required for the Munchkin Division.
* We are Thinking About Earrings for our Child. Are They Permitted?  Jewelry is not permitted, so if you are thinking about ear or other piercings, wait until after the season.
*  My Child Wants To Be On His friend Daniel’s Team – This would be a Special Request that you need to fill in when your register. Please make only one special request. We are not able to accommodate multiple requests. If you register late, we may not be able to do your special request.
* When is the Deadline to Register? June 23 Wednesday 9:00 PM.
* Can I Register Late? Only if there is a roster spot available in your child’s division. Register before the deadline and you will assure a spot for your child.
* Why Is There a Late Fee &/or Does it Cost More to Register Late? Yes. The cost is $100 per player and there is no Family Discount. Register before the deadline and you will not have to pay a late fee. Late registrations create extra work and time for our Division Directors, Registrar, and President. LATE REGISTRATION CLOSES FRIDAY JULY 2, 9:00 PM.

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