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We are up and running with Spring Soccer. Thanks to all of you who are participating in the recreation program, Advanced Training Academy, and Referee Academy. Starting with last fall we have made changes to our program to make it better and ensure that we are providing the best possible venue for our participants to have fun, learn and play soccer.

While we have already fielded a number of questions and comments about the recent program enhancements, we understand there is always the opportunity to improve communications. So, we wanted to get the following information out to our Spring participants as well as those of you returning for the Fall season.

Professional Training – We are using Red Bull Trainers for grades PreK > 4th Grade. For our RVSL (grades 6 > HS) group we are also using professional trainers. The trainers will run practices and be at games. Utilizing professional trainers creates needed consistency in training, follows a curriculum appropriate for each age group, and ensures we have a knowledgeable and certified person for each team. This also resolves the difficulty in getting coaches for our rec teams.

Parent Coaches – We still need a parent to supervise each team. They will be in charge of communications with parents, handle substitutions at Saturday games and assist the trainer if needed.

Games – For grades PreK > 4th we have revised the number of field players as recommended by US Youth Soccer (USYS) and New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS) for younger players:

* PreK & Kindergarten – 4 v 4 with no goalie

* Division 6 1st/2nd Grade – 5 v 5 with no goalie

This venue facilitates all players being ‘active’ in the game, provides the opportunity for more touches on the ball, eliminates one player (i.e. goalie) from standing and watching until there is a shot on goal.

* Division 5 – 7 v 7 with a goalie.

Trainer Role at Games – In addition to running practices, trainers will be at games. At games they will do the following:

* Do a quick warm-up with both teams as they arrive.

* Observe the game. At the end of each quarter and end of the game give both teams a quick synopsis/evaluation.

* The trainer may be on the field for PreK and K games; on the sideline for Divisions 5 and 6.

Parent Coach Role at Games – Handle roster and substitutions.

Late Arrivals & Games Starting Late – If players arrive late and a team cannot field enough players, players from both teams should be combined to start the game. If the start is delayed the referees will shorten the quarters so the next game can start on time.

How Can You Help? 

* Update your availability on TeamSnap for each game and practice the day before or sooner. 

* Plan to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before games. Plan to arrive on time for each practice.

* If you have any questions or input about the changes to Spring Soccer or anything else, you can direct them to your Division Director, HUB Soccer’s President, or VP of Administration at info@hubsoccer.org.

Thanks for participating in Spring Soccer! We have over 600 participants in 5 spring programs and appreciate your confidence and support.

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